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Since its establishment back in 1992, A-SUNG has been
making ceaseless efforts and investments including
the foundation of Shenzhen branch office. The reason
A-SUNG could make steady progress under difficult
circumstances was that you showed every care and love to
us in economics recession as well as in economic boom.

Korea is now one of the largest economies in the world. In many industries, Korea’s cutting edge technologies are
getting better every day. Among them, Korea is at forefront of IT industry worldwide. A-SUNG has been one of the
Korea-based companies that went global, and will keep sharing the prosperity with them. A-SUNG will constantly put
all the energy into providing a solid stepping stones for the leading company holding the hand of A-SUNG rather than
into making ourselves the best.
I would like to express my gratitude wholeheartedly to the customers who showed a lot of expectations and
encouragements for us to become what A-SUNG is today. A-SUNG will do our best to consistently grow up to be a company
to be trusted and to be loved. We ask for your continued interest and love.

Thank you very much.